Janitorial Supplies

Commercial and Wholesale Janitorial Supplies

An increasing number of companies are going green when it comes to commercial and wholesale janitorial and custodial supplies. While environmentally friendly janitorial supplies for floor cleaning and soaps are not yet mandatory, many in the industry feel that this is only a matter of time and are doing what they can to not just help the environment, but also insure the safety of their workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has mandates regarding the type of janitorial supplies that can be used and in the use of such supplies as well as the right to know for employees using such chemicals. No longer are employers allowed to keep employees in the dark when it comes to hazardous chemicals they may be using in the course of their job.

Shop Rags, Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Many janitorial supplies are made from recycled materials in an effort to be eco friendly. Most companies purchase brown paper towels and C-fold towels for their custodians, employees and customers to wash their hands in the bathroom. Brown paper towels are inexpensive and ideal for those drying their hands in the bathroom and they have less of an energy impact than an electric hand dryer and are more sanitary than cloth towels. Businesses that want to be environmentally friendly should look for paper janitorial supplies that are made from recycled materials.

Soap Dispensers and Soaps

The soaps used in janitorial supplies should be strong enough to kill germs on the skin, but gentle enough not to harm the skin. It is best to use soaps without additives in soap dispensers so that employees and customers washing their hands will not have an allergic reaction to the soaps. New York Safety Equipment carries a wide variety of allergen free, environmentally friendly soaps as well as soap dispensers.

All-Purpose Floor Cleaners

All-purpose floor cleaners are generally eco friendly and safe to dump into the water system. Employees must use caution when using all-purpose floor cleaners that contain hazardous chemicals and the containers must be clearly labeled with all ingredients that are in the cleaners. For the most part the all purpose floor cleaners that are being used today are relatively safe.

Because there is more public awareness when it comes to the chemicals found in some janitorial supplies as well as a need to recycle when possible, companies will find that a great deal of janitorial supplies are much safer than those used years ago and much more environmentally friendly.

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