This 18″ cone is strong and flexible in heat or cold, resulting in a more durable cone that will stand up to the challenges of adverse weather or road conditions. The brilliant fluorescent red orange color throughout is visible from any angle, day or night. Specially designed cleated base allows ease of stacking. The cones will not stick together; they’ll firmly grip the road and won’t easily be blown over.
Indented Handle
Easier pick up by hand
Allows user to easily attach caution tapes, chains, and cones to the accessory around the notch Recessed Conical Area Protect reflective tape from weather and other physical abuse Result in longer lasting life span 3M 3340 reflective & prismatic material High impact resistant High nighttime reflectivity over a wide range of angles Premium Grade PVC Injection Molding Durable & flexible Able to fully self correct into original shape after being crushed Patented Interlocking Base Base won’t separate from the body even under extreme stress such as being ran over by car Nationally recognized & registered trade dress of circle of orange dots around the base of the cone

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

18” w reflective collar tape

Price each


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