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As Long Island’s favorite safety equipment company, G-Rock Handcovers is proud to offer the many different types of safety supplies including: Traffic Cones: Our recyclable traffic cones are designed to be seen day or night, keeping your people safe at all times, Safety Glasses: Protect your eyes without having to worry about the glasses fogging up. These plastic glasses are durable and can handle high pressure work. Available in 5 different lens colors, Ear Plugs: Keep your ears safe with both corded and non-corded choices. Comfortable insertion into ear canals without pressure, Disposable Aprons: Protect your clothes from particulates and liquids with amazing breathable aprons, Disposable Beard Guards: Cover your beard but don’t worry about getting hot underneath, Disposable Shoe Covers: Keep your shoes clean of any debris while keeping your feet securely on the floor, Disposable Sleeves: Keep your arms protected from particulates and liquids thanks to these durable, lightweight sleeves, Dust Masks: Keep your lungs clear of dust and other harmful particulates with these masks that vary from light duty to heavy duty, Ear Muffs: These lightweight, durable headsets are perfect for protecting all parts of your ears and noise-cancelling technology means your hearing is always safe, Hard Hats: Protect your head at all jobsites thanks to these hard plastic hardhats that are lightweight and breathable as well, Safety Vest: Make sure people know you’re there with our highly visible economy, standard, and premium vests, White Bouffant Caps: Keep your hair safe from particulates and liquids and also keep your hair out of the workspace and White Disposable Suits: These cover-all suits are perfect for protecting your clothes in the workplace.

Since 1995, businesses throughout the Tri-State Area have trusted G-Rock Handcovers for all their safety supplies needs. As a family-owned distributor of safety equipment, we take pride in customer service and in delivering the best safety supplies at a great price, right to your doorstep.

Thanks to increasing regulations for workplace safety, there is a greater need today for your employees to be outfitted with the best equipment. More than OSHA regulations, the reason you provide safety supplies to your employees is because of your company’s commitment to safety.

We know there are no shortcuts when it comes to Safety Equipment and running out of safety supplies is not an option. At G-Rock Handcovers we own our own delivery vehicles and are able to deliver your safety supplies to your business quickly. We offer fast delivery and in many instances at no additional freight cost.

G-Rock Handcovers is always available to answer all questions and concerns. We have representatives available by phone, fax, and online for all your safety equipment needs, no matter how big or small.

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