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As Long Island’s favorite safety equipment company, G-Rock Handcovers is proud to offer the many different types of wiping rags and shop towels including: Bar Mops for cleaning up your mess no matter what the liquid is with these durable and super-absorbent towels, Blue Huk Towels, are great Low-lint towels with sewn seams, which means these durable towels can be washed heavily and used liberally, Wiping Rags, available in white and assorted colors, these t-shirt style rags are perfect for absorbing and drying all types of liquids, Corduroy Rags, are the perfect rag for wiping your hands or wiping up grease, Flannel Rags, are the perfect rag for all purposes, these reclaimed soft cotton blends are at home everywhere from the shop floor to the finest kitchens, Scotts Shop Towels, are the perfect rag for sopping up oil or applying wax, the only limit for the uses of this towel is your imagination, Sweat Shirt Rags, are the softer, bulkier but more absorbent option. These rags can handle heavy duty use, Terry Cloth Towels, are the best option for larger rags to handle all sorts of applications while being soft and easy to use.

Since 1995, businesses throughout the Tri-State Area have trusted G-Rock Handcovers for all their wiping rags and shop towel needs. As a family-owned distributor of safety equipment, we take pride in customer service and in delivering the best wiping rags and shop towels at a great price, right to your doorstep.

Thanks to increasing regulations for workplace safety, there is a greater need today for your employees to be outfitted with the best safety equipment. More than OSHA regulations, the reason you provide wiping rags and shop towels to your employees is because of your company’s commitment to safety.

We know there are no shortcuts when it comes to Safety Equipment and running out of wiping rags and shop towels is not an option. At G-Rock Handcovers we own our own delivery vehicles and are able to deliver wiping rags and shop towels to your business quickly. We offer fast delivery and in many instances at no additional freight cost.

G-Rock Handcovers is always available to answer all questions and concerns. We have representatives available by phone, fax, and online for all your safety equipment needs, no matter how big or small.

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